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Topfloor Group, leader in the production of steel incapsulated access floor panels, developed the innovative GW Fusion™ panel. From the innovative european patent, Topfloor Group is able to produce high load performances panels with the innovation of customizable steel coated surface. This surface is produced with a specific formula of pure digitalized PVC , a full “fusion” with the galvanized steel support. 

Steel Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate core
Steel Encapsulated Chipboard Core

The pre-coated steel coil

The pre-coated sheets are produced using COIL COATING, one of the most modern and advanced coating production processes in continuum of a metal support. Topfloor Group has developed this surface with a pre-coated metal support with a special formula digitized PVC film.

Why to choose GW Fusion™

-Walking surface without adhesives and edge protective glued plastic

-Tool safety against covering and vertical edge delamination in any condition

-Minimal contact gap between the panels

-Quality and safety of the system for loading, abrasion, mining, fire, waterproof and stain-resistant surface

-Environmental sustainability digitization of the coating with the freedom to customize the image

-Production simplification

The steel coated coil

European Patent n. 1409812

The Topfloor GW range panels are produced under the European Patent n. 1409812; this patent provides a vertical and reentrant structural reinforcement along the whole perimeter of the two steel trays, doubled along the edges and clinched together. This design grants high load performances while micro areas for dilations ensure dimensional stability against high humidity.


Corner Lock System


GW series are also available with a “Corner Lock” option, a system which allows the fastening of each panel to the pedestals heads by means of self-tapping screws.

The system offers:

  • maximum rigidity and stability even at the highest finished floor, without additional
  • protection from unauthorized access to the underfloor area.
  • maintenance of structural properties even in case of special servicing or alterations of the fixtures and fittings in the underfloor area

The drilling on the 4 corners is made by CNC machines assuring the best possible calibration and interchangeability of every single element.


Production Plant


From the innovative patent, Topfloor developed a fully automatic production line, one of the most modern in the world, that can produce up to 900 panels per hour. The two steel plates, formed from steel coils, are glued to both sides and clinched by a 250 t mechanical press, without any kind of welding.

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